Know About Whatsapp Hidden Features.

Whatsapp India’s most popular messenger app used by Billions of people. But people are not aware of cool things you can do with this messenger app. Check this awesome Whatsapp Hidden Features which are present in whatsapp and start using them today.

1)Disable Read Receipts

When any of your friend sends a message in whatsapp if u seen that message two little blue check marks appear. If your friend seen that u had seen the message and hadn’t replied right then it could make him feel that u are not giving importance to him. To avoid this kind of disputes among friends you can remove display read feature.

-> Go to whatsapp settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Turn the read receipts to off

2)Hide TimeStamp

Whatsapp displaces the user when u are last active on the app by default. Last seen timestamp can be removed.

-> Go to whatsapp settings -> Account -> Privacy

-> Tap Last Seen and select an option which seems to be right and click on ok.

3)Backup and Restore Whatsapp Conversations

WhatsApp Hidden allows user to backup your conversations so you can transfer them into your new phone. Once you backup your phone conversions you can restore them on your new phone device instantly.

-> Go to whatsapp settings -> Chats -> Chat Backup -> Tap Backup Now

To restore chats from backup just download the whatsapp on new device and open it. Then you will be getting a message if u want to restore previous chats from backup.

4)Save Conversation As Text File.

A really cool feature of whatsapp that u can save your conversations as a text file. This is great to get conversions record.

-> Open chat for individual or group

-> Select menu button -> Click on more -> Select email chat.

-> Select to attach media file or not

By this process email would be composed to your chat history attached as a document

5)Block Contacts

If u want to stop receiving messages from a particular person and you want to avoid contacting you again this Whatsapp Hidden Feature is very helpful.

-> Select the person you want to block

-> Choose header were his number or name would get displayed

-> Click on block this contact

6)Mute Group Chats

Group chats is best feature available in whatsapp. This allows multiple users to connect at a time and thus save you from repeating yourself individually for the people. But the issue in the group chats if few people are discussing in group the remaining members would also get the notifications which would disturbs them when they are involved in any other task.

On iphone – Open group chat tap subject to get group info screen and then tap mute and then choose time frame.

On Android – Open Chat -> Select menu button -> Tap mute -> Choose time frame

7)See Who You Chat The Most

You would chat with multiple people in whatsapp but through this Whatsapp Hidden Features here you can find out.


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